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Standard Giveaway Rules


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Apr 10, 2020
Atlanta, GA
Anyone supporting a thriving ReefKeepers community is eligible for giveaways. That means:

1. You're an RK Supporter...
2. ...who is active in the community

That's it! No hoops to jump through. Nothing else to do.

Now, obviously, that second part is a little vague. What exactly does active mean? Well, it's hard to define.

We could say that you have to have a minimum number of posts, but that just encourages post spam. If you don't have anything to say, you shouldn't feel like you need to make up something. Lots of people like to just come and read, and that's fine!

We could say that you have to have visited the site a minimum number of times over a certain time period, but that just encourages people to hit the homepage and then leave. That doesn't do anybody any good.

So, for better or worse, what we'll do when we draw your name is just look at what you've done here at ReefKeepers and make a judgment call — one that's full of grace. Maybe we end up needing a better system, but this is the one we're going to start with :)

Award Redemption

We like to support local whenever possible, so unless it's a gift certificate to a particular company, or a giveaway not sponsored by us, we prefer to award winners via their LFS. We'll contact you to find out who that is and then order it for you directly through them!

And if you win something that you have no use for, we'll swap it out for store credit at your LFS. No sense winning something you won't use :)

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