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Nov 17, 2020
Started out with a 700l beast which I found I couldnt afford the tunzes to acheive the right turnover in the tank, got scammed with some false fuji and had uncontrollable hair algae due to concrete rocks in what later I found contained iron nails!, anyway I made a 500ltr (i posted the full build on reefkeepers) with 4ft sump I designed and made, and kept soft corals, inverts and fish for 17 year running a nnr system 100kg fuji, 2 inches of live arognite, sump on reverse cycle with miracle mud and caulerpa, blue legged hermits to keep the rocks maintained, turbo snails and a algae blenny for the glass, cleaner shrimp for the fish lol and ran like this for the full 17 year, as the caulerpa grew I lazily trimmed it off and fed it to my flavens and regal tangs! nothing to waste! Anyway I due to reasons I was unable to qhysically maintain the tank and it sadly lost all life as no-one knew how to maintain all the levels/parameters. Knowing the costs of running a reef tank I decided to build a 2x1x1-1/2 nano with a 1-1/2x1-1/2x1 sump.
I have drilled the glass to house a 55mm overflow and drilled 5x 12mm holes for returns, in which the top 2 holes will be used for the sump return and the bottom 3 on a closed loop circulation system with adjustable flow rates, the sump will house a constant level 1st column for my skimmer, a degasser chamber, 2 way adjustable flow sections, one for equipment and one for miracle mud and caulerpa or cheato, another degassing chamber then my return section. (will upload photos) the overflow to the sump will double up as a refugium and have a full syphon saftey system in place. turnover will be21000ltrs per hour from a tunze 6095 and a 6065 ran through a multicontroller, a ocrean runner return pump and a 2000ltr per hour closed loop. lighting to the sump will be via a 200watt c.f.l. blue spectrum and the display via a led suspended panel ran through a controller housing white, purple, blue and a few green and red leds.. The substrate will be plain sand as im having another sand sifting star so buying live sand will be a waste as he will eat all my bethnic beasts as i have witnessed prior! 10 kg fuji rock mimicing a bommy under a surge tide provided via my tunzes.
I have taken apart a sumsumg refrigerator and am making a diy chiller system due to the small size of tank and sudden changes in temp. fluctuations its susceptible to. a phosphate reactor running rowaphos and deltec mce600 skimmer.

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